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Supporting Gender Equality and Competency of Female Workers, PT Pertamina Hulu East Kalimantan Holds Srikandi Goes to Rig

Supporting Gender Equality and Competency of Female Workers, PT Pertamina Hulu East Kalimantan Holds Srikandi Goes to Rig

Balikpapan– PT Pertamina Hulu East Kalimantan (PHKT) held the "Srikandi Goes to Rig" program, which was attended by participants who were female workers from various functions (non-drilling engineers). In this program, participants visited the Sinoocean Harvest Rig (01/11/2023).

When visiting the Rig Floor, participants received an explanation regarding drilling the Sedandang SDD-9 well, which refers to HSSE principles. Participants visited the Drilling Control Room to get a closer look at the working atmosphere on the rig and get to know the drilling process and the drilling fluid system.

General Manager of Zona 10, Avep Disasmita, explained that this program is part of the Company's commitment and values, AKHLAK, to continue to increase the role and contribution of women to the Company and society.

"In line with company policy, we provide equal opportunities to develop the competencies and careers of workers, both men and women. "The "Srikandi Goes to Rig" program is one step towards realizing gender equality within the Company," added Avep.

Meanwhile, PHKT Drilling Operation 1 Assistant Manager Eka Pambudi explained that this visit could provide an opportunity for female workers, usually called Srikandi Pertamina, to get to know more closely the drilling processes and activities carried out at the Sinoocean Harvest Rig.

"Eka hopes that the Srikandi who attend this program will be able to gain knowledge and insight that can support better performance for the Company," he said.

One of the Srikandi Goes to Rig participants, Etna Syldimisari, appreciated the opportunity given to be able to see firsthand the upstream oil and gas production activities so that she could provide a direct picture of the importance of implementing HSSE in production activities.

"We hope that this program can continue and provide the opportunity for other heroines at PHKT and Pertamina to have the opportunity to visit the rig, too," she said.

PT Pertamina Hulu East Kalimantan (PHKT) is a subsidiary of PHI that manages upstream oil and gas operations and business by ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles in the East Kalimantan & Attaka Working Area in East Kalimantan. PHKT, together with other PHI subsidiaries and affiliates, continues to carry out various innovations and technological applications in producing safe, efficient, reliable, compliant, and environmentally friendly energy to realize #Kalimantan EnergyForIndonesia. More information about PHI is available at https://phi.pertamina.com.


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