Commitment & Responsibility

Good Corporate Governance

In running our oil and gas business and operations, PHI applies Good Corporate Governance (GCG) as a guideline in managing the company. With adherence to GCG, the company implements the AKHLAK values, and carries out safe, effective, efficient, and transparent oil and gas business activities, that complies with applicable laws and regulations

GCG implementation is manifested in various programs, such as: a) Gratification Control Unit, b) Gratification Prevention Program: Refusal, Acceptance, Giving Gifts/Souvenirs and Entertainment, c) Mandatory Asset Declaration for the company's high-ranking officials (LHKPN), d) Whistleblowing System (WBS), and e) Compliance Program Reporting through the Compliance Online System.

At PHI, GCG is exercised through a formalized structure of Main and Supporting Functions as well as mechanism. The Main Functions in the GCG organization are the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS), the Board of Commissioners, and the Board of Directors. Meanwhile, the Supporting Functions are Relations, Internal Audit, and Policy & Risk Management Functions, which work directly with the BoC and BoD to assist their GCG responsibilities.

Code of Conduct

We adhere to our Code of Conduct in carrying out all of our business activities. We seek to ensure that every business behavior and activity complies with the laws and regulations and are ethical. PHI's Code of Conduct covers corporate business and work ethics that articulate our commitment to HSSE, Human Resources, Business Partners and Customers, Shareholders and Stakeholders, and Company's Assets.

Work Guidelines

To support the Company's excellent performance, we develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure standardization and consistency of all operational activities of the company as well as regulate and control relationships with stakeholders.

The available work procedures, work methods, and work systems support us in carrying out GCG so that we are able to maximize company value, carry out effective and efficient business activities, manage a professional and independent company, make decisions that are based on moral values and compliance with applicable laws and regulations, provide maximum protection and fair treatment for shareholders and other stakeholders, and direct energy toward continuous innovation.

Anti-Bribery Commitment

PHI is committed to continuously strengthen the GCG implementation in the company and has obtained ISO 37001:2016 Anti-Bribery Management System (SMAP) certification on 21 January 2021. In performing their duties and daily interactions, all workers and stakeholders are required to apply the 4 NO'S Principle:

Whistleblowing System

We want to ensure a safe, fair, and honest work environment for all workers and stakeholders. We believe that acts of theft, fraud, dishonesty, harassment, unethical behavior, and a dangerous workplace have a negative effect on the company's performance and reputation.

The Whistleblowing System (WBS) is used to report misconduct that occurs within PHI. As a stakeholder, you help us create a safe working environment by reporting misconduct through the WBS channel.

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