Goods and Services Procurement

As part of an integrated energy company with diverse business lines, we maximize opportunities for synergy with other Pertamina subsidiaries and build collaboration with business partners that can drive value creation and operational excellence.

We optimize the procurement process for goods/services to increase profits for the Company while still prioritizing the use of national labor, utilization of domestic goods, services, technology, engineering, and design capabilities, as well as fully observing the aspects of quality, quantity, price, availability, delivery, and Occupational Safety, Health and Environmental Protection (OSHEP).

Our policy in goods/services procurement prioritizes direct engagement with service providers, manufacturers, authorized distributors, or sole agents to avoid using intermediaries that do not create added value. We pay close attention to the company's ability and competitiveness and comply with the basic principles of goods/services procurement, namely fair, responsible, OSHEP-oriented, effective, efficient, integrity, prudent, independent, competitive, and transparent.

We believe that Company’s partnership with its business partners will provide significant benefits and value to all stakeholders, including the government and the Indonesian people.


(Revisi 05).

Guideline of goods and services procurement for Contractors of Cost Recovery-based Production Sharing Contract (PSC) – Region 3


Guideline of goods and services procurement No.A7-001/PHE52000/2021-S9

Guideline of goods and services procurement for Non-Contractors of Production Sharing Contract (PSC) and Contractors of Gross Split-based PSC – Region 3

Vendor Management

We provide equal opportunities to Goods and Service Providers to participate in PHI’s procurement process. Goods and Service Providers can register as partners through the Centralized Integrated Vendor Database (CIVD) website at the following link:civdmigas.skkmigas.go.id. The website is managed centrally by the Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Activities (SKK Migas) as the supervisor of upstream oil and gas business activities in Indonesia.

Contact center: helpdesk.civd@pengadaan.com

Tender Announcement

The management of PHI’s tender announcement is carried out centrally by PHE and tender information is accessible via the following link: https://phe.pertamina.com/InternalPages/TenderAnnouncement.aspx

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