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Oil Operation

PT Pertamina Hulu Indonesia (PHI) continues to produce crude oil from onshore and offshore fields in Kalimantan to meet domestic energy needs.

Various strategic initiatives in the field of drilling, both for exploitation and exploration, maintenance of production facilities, application of technological innovation in operational activities, and synergies with other Pertamina’s subsidiaries have succeeded in maintaining the sustainability of tens of thousands of barrels of oil production per day for Indonesia.

One strategic step for developing oil production is maximizing available oil reserves by optimizing fields that increase oil production at an efficient cost (unlock resources). We also continue to seek new reserves by developing new fields (exploration) and creating value through investment and operating cost efficiency as well as comprehensive commercial and contract management.


Tanjung Santan is a crude oil storage and shipping facility and BRC (Bontang Return Condensate) managed by PT Pertamina Hulu Kalimantan Timur with 150,000 BPD capacity and an area of 64,400 M2. Tanjung Santan has been operating since 1972. In addition to crude oil and BRC, Tanjung Santan also served as an LPG terminal from 1976 to 2016. Currently, the crude oil and BRC managed in Tanjung Santan are from oil and gas field below:

  1. PHKT
  2. PHSS
  3. PHM
  4. Makasar Block (CML)
  5. IDD Bangka Block (CRL)
  6. Muara Bakau Block(ENI)

Facilities and operations in Tanjung Santan include:

  • Process Plant (crude oil processing facility)
  • Compressor Station
  • Product Movement (Tank Farm & Loading Facility)

Tanjung Santan is also equipped with an Offshore Loading Facility with maximum flow rate 24,500 Bbls/hour & 14,500 Bbls/hour for the BRC.

Products from Tanjung Santan are :

  • Attaka Crude Oil - ACO
  • Badak Crude Oil - BCO
  • West Seno Bangka Mix - WSBM
  • Bontang Return Condensate - BRC

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