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PT Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga Successfully Produced the First Development Well in 2022 with an Initial Rate of 1100 BOPD

PT Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga Successfully Produced the First Development Well in 2022 with an Initial Rate of 1100 BOPD

Kutai Kartanegara – PT Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga (PHSS) has completed the drilling of the M-310 well, which is the first development well in 2022 with an initial production rate of 1100 Barrel Oil Per Day (BOPD) and 0% water cut. This well is located in the Mutiara Pamaguan PHSS Field, Kutai Kartanegara Regency, East Kalimantan Province.

The Pjs. General Manager of Zona 9, Andre Wijanarko, outlined that the drilling of the M-310 well lasted for 16 days from June 25, 2022, to July 10, 2022. After the production facility was ready for use, the M-310 well began production on July 24, 2022.

"Our success in producing oil and gas from this development well is PHSS's commitment to supporting SKK Migas and the Indonesian government in achieving the national oil and gas production target in 2030," explained Andre.

Furthermore, Andre added that PHSS synergizes with all stakeholders from the planning stage to the implementation of this drilling project by applying the OTOBOSOR principle (On Target, On Budget, On Scope/Spec/Safety, On Return/Regulation).

"The acquisition of an initial rate of 1100 BOPD with 0% water cut is an encouragement for the Company's management, workers, and partners to continue to develop oil and gas fields that are currently managed for the sustainability of oil and gas production from the Sanga Sanga Working Area in the coming years," added Andre.

The drilling of the M-310 well was completed by prioritizing the HSSE aspects in a disciplined manner and applying operating excellence through innovation and appropriate technology. To maintain performance, PHSS synergizes with various parties since the proposal of a comprehensive proposal to produce a strong development plan and flexible implementation in volatile industrial conditions.

Until July 2022, Zona 9 which includes PT Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga, PT Pertamina EP Sangasanga Field, PT Pertamina EP Sangatta Field, and PT Pertamina EP Tanjung Field has succeeded in producing 18,210 BOPD of oil and 52,455 MMSCFD of gas.

"In Zona 9, we have 52 development well drilling programs and three exploration wells. The number of drilling programs is part of our work commitment by following the work plan that has been approved by the Company's management and SKK Migas," said Andre.

Meanwhile, President Director of PHI, Chalid Said Salim, said that Pertamina Hulu Indonesia continues to drill new wells as a strategic step in containing the natural production declining rate and maintaining the level of oil and gas production from mature fields. According to Chalid, PHI and its subsidiaries and affiliates continue to invest in finding new energy resources and increasing reserves through exploration and exploitation of oil and gas working areas.

"At PHI, we continue to invest by conducting massive and aggressive exploration and exploitation drilling. We also apply various innovations in drilling activities so that they can be carried out more effectively, quickly, and economically so that the Company can continue to generate significant value for all stakeholders, especially the government and shareholders," he concluded.

PT Pertamina Hulu Sanga Sanga (PHSS) is a subsidiary of PHI which is part of Zona 9 to carry out the management of upstream oil and gas operations and businesses by following Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) principles in the Sanga Sanga Working Area, East Kalimantan. PHSS with other PHI subsidiaries and affiliates continues to carry out various innovations and technological applications in producing energy that is safe, efficient, reliable, compliant, and environmentally friendly to realize #EnergiKalimantanUntukIndonesia. More information about PHI is available at https://phi.pertamina.com.

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