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Pertamina EP Sangatta Field Succeeded in Producing the Highest Oil Since 18 Years

Pertamina EP Sangatta Field Succeeded in Reaching Highest Oil Production Since 18 Years

Semberah - Pertamina EP (PEP) Sangatta Field succeeded in producing oil from the SBR-34 development well in natural flow on January 26, 2023, amounting to 853 bopd (barrels of oil per day or barrels of oil per day). With this achievement, Sangatta's field production increased to 2,719 bopd, the highest in the last 18 years.

General Manager of Zone 9, Andre Wijanarko, said that the company would continue to invest through drilling new wells as a strategic step in restraining the rate of decline in natural products and maintaining oil and gas production levels. 

"With good achievements in the SBR-34 well, it is hoped that it can bring a positive impact and enthusiasm of all workers involved in drilling activities for subsequent wells. In 2023, we plan to drill 12 wells in the Sangatta field," he added.

To maintain this positive performance, Andre said that maximum synergy would continue to be implemented through the preparation of comprehensive proposals so that a strong and flexible development plan can be produced in the volatile conditions faced.

Meanwhile, the Manager of Subsurface Development Area 2 Zone 9 Budi Darmawan added that the SBR-34 well is the last well to be drilled in 2022 and the first to produce in 2023. The well was drilled to a depth of 1273 mMD and was worked on in less than a month. 

Furthermore, Budi added that the increase in production from the SBR-34 well, which is considered to have a large magnitude, gives a cheerful nuance to the company's efforts to maintain production levels and restrain the decline in natural production. "We apply best practices, innovation, and technology in the company's oil and gas operations to support the achievement of national oil and gas production targets. All officers of Sangatta Field and Zone 9, cannot separate this and subsequent success from the joint and continuous efforts of all." he concluded.

PT Pertamina EP (PEP) Sangatta Field is part of the Pertamina Regional 3 Upstream Subholding, which PHI captains. In managing upstream oil and gas operations and business by ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) principles. PEP Sangatta Field and other PHI subsidiaries and affiliates continue to carry out various innovations and technological applications in producing safe, efficient, reliable, compliant, and environmentally friendly energy to realize #EnergiKalimantanUntukIndonesia. More information about PHI is available at https://phi.pertamina.com.

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