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Embrace Community Participation, PT Pertamina EP Tanjung Field Holds 16 Activities during National Occupational Safety and Health Month

Embrace Community Participation, PT Pertamina EP Tanjung Field Holds 16 Activities during National Occupational Safety and Health Month

Tabalong - In commemoration of the national Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) month, PT Pertamina EP (PEP) Tanjung Field organized 16 series of activities involving workers and the community in the Tanjung operational area, Tabalong Regency, South Kalimantan. The activities, including competitions, training, and socialization, were conducted from February 15 to February 28, 2024.

PEP Tanjung Field Manager Kurniawan Triyo Widodo explained that these activities aim to enhance the knowledge and understanding of workers and the community regarding safety and health, both in the workplace and in their daily lives.

"We continue to strive to enhance workers' and the community's awareness and knowledge of safety and health as an integral part of our efforts to build a safe environment," said Triyo.

The series of activities included Emergency Fire Prevention Training at Home, Basic Fire Fighting Training attended by three Self-Reliant Disaster Mitigation Units (UPBS), school student representatives around Murung Pudak, and mosque guards around the PEP Tanjung Field operating area, and Handling and Prevention Training for Venomous Animal Disturbances.

In addition, PEP Tanjung Field organized various competitions such as simulations of emergency production facility situations with fire scenarios and medical evacuation (medivac) evacuations, rig emergency simulations, video contests, HSSE quizzes, Good Housekeeping competitions, and other activities.

Triyo emphasized, "Our company believes everyone has a crucial role in cultivating a safety culture to strive for zero incidents or accidents. Exceptional safety performance will contribute to the success and sustainability of the company's oil and gas operations and businesses."

According to him, the sustainability of the company's oil and gas production, which is essential in supporting the national energy needs, will only be realized if safety performance continues to improve, accompanied by strong support from all stakeholders, especially the community and local governments.

"We always prioritize safety as the most important aspect and foundation in all Company operations and businesses and will continue to collaborate with stakeholders to ensure safety and the sustainability of the company's oil and gas operations," he concluded.

Ahmad Fauzul, a participant from UPBS Bangun Sari, expressed appreciation for PEP Tanjung Field's efforts to offer training to the local community. He emphasized that training in fire ground areas can enhance experiences and contribute value to UPBS groups' management of fire incidents.

PT Pertamina EP (PEP) Tanjung Field, which is under Subholding Upstream Regional 3 led by PT Pertamina Hulu Indonesia (PHI), carries out upstream oil and gas operations and businesses according to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. Through cooperation with SKK Migas, PEP Tanjung Field, together with PHI's subsidiaries and affiliates, carries out innovative Corporate Social Responsibility programs in the fields of Economy, Education, Health, Environment, Infrastructure, and Disaster Response to support sustainable community empowerment and the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). PHI's headquarters is in Jakarta. Further information about PHI is available at https://phi.pertamina.com.

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