Corporate Social Responsibility

Investing In Education and Human Resource Development

Education is one of the main foundations to build an independent and intelligent society. We believe in the importance of investing in education through the Corporate Social Responsibility programs that we develop hand in hand with the local governments and communities.

Our CSR programs aim to support the government’s initiatives to improve the quality of educational infrastructure and facilities, strengthen local institutions, and develop people’s knowledge & skills in the Company’s working areas in Kalimantan


The “Quality School, Top Education” principle encourages us to develop Healthy and Green School program that refers to the Clean and Healthy Living Behavior (PHBS). We collaborate with several government agencies and NGOs to realize this through a variety of efforts: promoting the importance of PHBS, training school health units (UKS) teachers, organic and inorganic waste management training, providing facilities and infrastructure assistance for more standardized UKS, providing infrastructure assistance to build clean and adequate toilets, and developing a thematic curriculum on PHBS.

The expected impact of this program is the active role of students in improving environmental quality, the availability of facilities dedicated for PHBS education, and increased knowledge and insight of the community to improve health and sustainable environmental preservation through the school curriculum.



Since 1994, husband and wife Pak Darta and Ibu Indriati have devoted themselves as teachers in Indonesia’s remote and far-flung areas. Throughout the years, they have had to withstand various obstacles, from school locations reachable only by small boats, poor school conditions, and students who lack the motivation to attend schools on a regular basis and have difficulties using Indonesian language. Pak Darta and Ibu Indriati’s dedication and commitment to teaching is a blessing to the local people. They are there to serve and provide a real example for students of Sekolah Rawa Hutan, and because of that, the school has won several awards.

Seeing the great potential of Sekolah Rawa Hutan, PHI and Pak Darta and Ibu Indriati worked together to develop educational facilities at the school through the implementation of the Edupreneurship program. The aim is to improve the quality of environment-based education. The Edupreneurship program benefits for school children by introducing them to learning about pollution control, environmental preservation, and biodiversity to support sustainable fisheries productivity in coastal areas. PHI also provides other kinds of support, such as the installation of solar energy facility Solar Home System (SHS) for the school, construction of pier to create easier access to Sekolah Rawa Hutan for children across the island, and brought in teachers and PHI workers to help teach.



We believe that developing children’s reading interest is important for improving education and human resources quality. However, in some areas where the Company operates, books or supporting facilities are difficult to obtain. To overcome this, our first step is to support a “local hero” who is also concerned with children’s reading interest and, out of that concern, sets up a Community Reading Center (TBM) “Bunga Kertas” – At first, TBM Bunga Kertas initially located in the front yard and filled with personal book collection. Along the time, TBM Bunga Kertas also organizes other activities such as painting, calligraphy, English class, and dance.

Seeing the potential of this reading center that can be developed through the CSR program, we provides assistance to ensure the Bunga Kertas’ continuity. Now, the TBM has grown into a Creative and Literacy Center (RULIKA) and its role expanded to be a social incubator and space for every community member to express their creativity and potential – whilst carrying out the Center’s literacy improvement mission. With PHI’s support, RULIKA benefits not only children, but also women. RULIKA also offers classes that are tailored to the women’s needs, such as sewing, embroidering, cooking, brooch making, and recycling training in which products are marketed through their participation in various exhibitions.


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