Corporate Social Responsibility

Encouraging Economic Development and Community Self-reliance

We believe that economic progress and community independence can support the Company’s business continuity. Therefore, we support the government’s program plans to alleviate poverty, encourage economic growth based on community entrepreneurship, and strengthen local community institutions.

Our CSR programs focused are to utilize of natural resources produced from aquatic areas such as swamps, coasts, and seas to support the community’s economic development.
Aquatic environment plays a major role in local communities economic, as reflected from their belief that, “the sea provides and lets us rise to stand on our own two feet". We work together with the local communities to identify aquatic potentials at coast and sea area. Through our Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) development program, we help local businesses to introduce and sell their product, such as a variety of seafood-based snacks, at market place.
The Company assists a Local Hero, Ibu Jumiati, and MSME Joint Business Group (KUB) Berkah Bersama by introducing their food business to various regional & national exhibitions and helping them obtain a Home Industry (IRT) permit and MUI halal certificate. These help increase turnover and create a better economy for fishermen groups around the Company’s operational areas in Kalimantan.


Petani Maju 4.0 is a program that we run together with farmer groups around the Company’s operational areas. The program comprises farmer empowerment, agribusiness infrastructure assistance, farmer group initiation, farmer capacity building, and involvement of government agencies.The main technology of this program is permaculture, a sustainable farming method that utilizes energy and natural resources to minimize the impacts of farming activities to the environment. Through permaculture, farmers grow their plants in an environmentally friendly method by using water from the fish pond to water the plants, produce fertilizer near the chicken coop to use the chickens as a “chicken tractor”, and utilize abandoned farmland for home-scale farming.

The positive impacts of Petani Maju 4.0 Program are increased quantity and quality of agricultural production up to 20%, increased farmers’ income through the sale of agricultural derivative products, and improved farmers’ welfare through farmer group institutions.

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